Are you a facilitator or a coach?

Maybe you’re new to designing, or delivering workshops. Or you’ve been doing this for a while but you still feel anxious and suffer from Imposter Syndrome. Do you lack confidence in your learning design, or delivery, or struggle with timings? Perhaps you know your content but not how best to communicate it? Are you unsure how to engage, especially virtually, or how to manage challenging participants?

I can help you improve your technique and grow in authentic confidence.

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How I can help you

If you want to feel confident in your ability to deliver workshops, but without having to try and become someone you’re not, it’s time for my help!

I offer:

This is a three-part bespoke consultancy package that will transform your ability to facilitate. 

A video, or phone, call where we can talk about where you are feeling stuck, help you achieve clarity and find a way forward with clear, actionable, steps. 

Available later this year, you can access some of my best facilitation tips with books on both facilitation and delivering effective online workshops.

Why listen to me?

I’ve been working in Learning and Development for over 20 years, and have over a decade’s experience of workshop facilitation and training trainers.

During this time I have worked with individuals from almost every sector, from teachers to C-suite leaders, and with every conceivable size of audience.

I’ve facilitated a diverse range of workshops: from pedagogy to leadership skills; innovation and Design Thinking to change management and resilience; presentation skills to Value Proposition.

Even as an introvert, I can command a room; I’ve consistently received the highest possible NPS and feedback scores for my own delivery. I’ve used being authentic to my advantage, as it enables me to truly connect with my participants.

When the pandemic hit, I helped all 8k of Google’s #IamRemarkable facilitators around the globe pivot from face-to-face to online workshop delivery, proving it’s possible to create virtual learning experiences that are every bit as impactful as in-person ones.

I’ve helped countless facilitators improve their skills – and, most importantly, their confidence. 

Are you ready for me to help you?

Sam facilitating an #IamRemarkable Train-the-Trainer workshop to Salesforce
Sam and a group of happy participants from Salesforce after a training

Don't take my word for it...

Thank you, Sam. I learned from one of the best facilitators! Your videos and guidelines gave me the confidence to run this workshop!

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Martha Arjona
Thank you for your training today and being so authentic. I'm very inspired and ready to take this on!

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Brenda Hanson
I absolutely love your positive energy and attitude. You are an amazing facilitator and you make it look so easy! Thanks for setting a great example.
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Amelie Papin

Over the past decade I have facilitated workshops, or Train-the-Trainer sessions, to:

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I've worked with many of
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These are just some of my favourites:

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Thanks, Sam, for your terrific training. I felt competent and prepared going into my first session.
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Ethel Massing
Innovation specialist

Unleash Programme

This is a three-part bespoke consultancy package that will transform your ability to facilitate. We’ll typically meet via a video call, but face-to-face meetings can be arranged. Everything will be completely confidential and I promise by the end of the Discover session you’ll already be feeling at ease. You deserve the best for you, and your participants. Here’s what to expect:

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Part 1


A 45 minute call where we discuss in which area(s) you feel stuck, identify your goals and clarify area(s) of focus.

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Part 2


I will watch you in action, observing up to two hours of delivery*,  and compile tailored feedback.

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Part 3


A 90 minute strategy session where you receive your feedback and we’ll dive into how you can harness your strengths, define a clear action plan and explore in more depth anything you feel you would like further support with.

You’ll also be provided with a copy of your feedback notes, dedicated email support for 30 days following your Define session and free access to the This is Me community, where you can continue to receive support with Imposter Syndrome, building confidence and practice being your authentic self. I only offer a very limited number of these packages.

The total investment for this package is £1495.

*Face-to-face consultancy, or longer observations of workshop delivery, may incur an additional cost.

Power Hour

A circular yellow diagram showing the stages of the AMP method: awareness > mindset > progress

Featured Product

This is a one hour video, or phone, call where we can talk about where you are feeling stuck, help you achieve clarity and find a way forward with clear, actionable, steps. 

We’ll leverage my AMP (Awareness >Mindset > Progress) method to uncover what’s holding you back, provide strategies to reframe your beliefs and discuss how to supercharge your facilitation.

The total investment for this package is £395.

Coming soon..

Register your interest and be the first to hear about the launch date of my eBooks – you’ll also get an exclusive preview!

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Facilitation 101

Master the art of facilitation with these tips and tricks: everything from getting set up for success, to handling challenging participants like a pro!

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Online Facilitation Hacks

Take the fear out of hosting virtual workshops with this step-by-step guide. Discover how to use the tech, as well as proven strategies that will keep your audiences engaged.

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