is being yourself.

It’s time to stop overthinking, make authentic choices and live life fully.

Learn how to gain authentic confidence so that you can get unstuck, navigate limiting beliefs and Imposter Syndrome, free your time and help others meaningfully whilst still prioritising yourself.

Launching in 2023, my new course, This is Me: Authentic Confidence Mastery for Introverts, will guide you, step-by-step though my research-backed AMP method so that you can learn how to:


Feel enough, just as you are.


Know, and communicate, your value.


Achieve balance and freedom.

Discover how to make introversion your superpower.

Introversion can actually be a huge advantage; you just need to know how to optimise your natural qualities. This is Me: Authentic Confidence Mastery for Introverts will help you uncover your strengths, as well as how to best take care of yourself, for optimal wellbeing. Get on the waitlist to be the first to be notified of the launch date, as well as an exclusive preview of the course.

This is Me: Authentic Confidence Mastery for Introverts
transforms your self-belief using my three step AMP method:

Image of a lightbulb with a yellow background, to represent awareness


Identify your limiting beliefs, their sources and learn how to reframe them. Find your superpowers, unique value and clarify your purpose.

Image of a brain lightbulb with different things emerging on a yellow background, to represent mindset.


Uncover the systems and routines that will improve your wellbeing, limit overthinking and help you set healthy boundaries.

Image of an upward graph on a yellow background to represent progress


Discover how to commit to imperfect action, the tools for self-compassion and a resilience framework to keep you moving forward.

Transform your life.

This is Me: Authentic Confidence Mastery for Introverts will help you to:

What past clients say

Here is just some of the feedback I have received for my work:

Working with Sam was a wonderful experience for me.

All the thoughtful questions and helpful exercises that Sam provided have led me to look at my various life situations from alternative angles.

With Sam’s guidance I was able to see solutions where I thought wasn’t any before. I would strongly recommend Sam’s services to anyone who is looking to gain more clarity in their life.
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Maria Bourne
1:1 coaching client
Sam is someone who will chime in at all the right moments with the perfect question, lay a welcoming, open floor for discussion – all brought together by professionalism and a close-friend demeanour – she is your coach.

I chose to approach Sam about my difficulties over gaining clarity in my life. Her incredibly thorough and well- structured sessions revealed a lot of underlying issues I would not have considered prior – even as a person who already feels very self-aware. Tools and exercises, as well as her intuitive sense, brought about lots of discoveries that I will carry with me for a long time.

With even the sessions that I didn’t feel so talkative at bearing useful fruits, Sam is now undoubtedly someone I would enlist to bring light to any issue I may have.
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Nina Saei
1:1 coaching client
Sam is a great person to start your coaching journey with.

She listened to my goals, explored my problems and the barriers, provided a myriad of tools to visualise my thinking, challenged me when I needed it and enabled me to articulate opportunities and a clear future direction of travel.

She's also a super lovely person to see each week.

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Aimee Tasker
1:1 coaching client

This is Me: authentic confidence
mastery for introverts

Feel enough

Trust, and love, yourself knowing that you are more than enough, just as you are.

Get unstuck

Optimise your introversion, find your superpower, clarity and purpose.

Communicate with confidence

Communicate your value, and anything you need to with others, confidently and effectively. 

A circular yellow diagram showing the stages of the AMP method: awareness > mindset > progress


Learn tools to help manage Imposter Syndrome and limiting beliefs, as well as to help you make authentic choices.

Free your time

Achieve balance, and feel that your time is abundant.

Help others

Discover how you can help others more meaningfully whilst still prioritising yourself. 

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This course is my passion.

Why? Because it’s the course I wish I’d had for my younger self. I’ve spent my lifetime searching for ways to manage my overthinking, become less anxious and boost my self-esteem: researching, trialling various strategies and learning from my failures.

The AMP method is the secret sauce that actually worked for me – so if I can use it to help others too, that’s a bonus.

I’ve been able to use my background in learning design and facilitation to distill everything into clear, manageable chunks that will lead you, step-by-step, towards becoming a more confident you. A you that is unashamedly authentic and who knows, and can can communicate, your value to others.

Do you know what that makes you? Unstoppable!

It will also set you free.

Let’s do this!

Work With Me!

Is a course not the right fit for you? I have a limited number of coaching slots available for high-achieving introverts who are ready to transform their lives and find freedom. Get in touch today so we can see if you’re eligible.

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